Features a built-in intelligent communication system

Sterilizer andair purifier,with pre-filter,UV-C lampsand HEPA filter


Increase your sales by communicating
directly to the consumer.

Audience Identication

The audience is defined and the main characteristics of the target audience are outlined.

Ads Display

The ads are displayed according to the profile of the customer who is looking at the screen.

Results Control

Access to data such as: number of clients (by gender and age); relation with nº of sales, etc.

An innovative and
safe way to communicate!

Improved communication

Promote your products and services at the right time and to the right customer.

Higher profitability

Monetize the platform with ads from business partners.

Cost reduction

Do away with the cost of designing, printing, and placing physical communication.

Increased revenue

Get sales growth and cost savings with Bee2See.

PURE will ensure all the air you breathe is virus-free and clean, eliminating airborne infections or allergens.

Industrial facilities / Gyms / Hospitals / Clinics / Shopping Centers / Warehouses


High-performance sterilizer and purifier by the combined action of UV-C and HEPA

PURE PRO is an air purifier and sterilizer, which effectively reduces suspended matter and aerosol clouds, up to 0.3 microns, in the surrounding environment. Simultaneously PURE PRO sterilizes air using UV-C type germicidal lamps.

According to laboratory tests, UV-C light not only effectively inactivates many viruses and germs on the irradiated surfaces but also 99% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.


How it works?

PURE will ensure all the air you breathe is virus-free and clean.

By eliminating airborne infections or allergens.

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