MTEX NS is more robust, consolidating its expansion in new businesses and new markets.

This was undoubtedly the driver for 2021, with a significant impact on the sale of packaging equipment.


To reach €30.1 million in sales by 2025, we will build our multi-channel audience to over 20,000 people, fed with exciting and relevant content, generating over 900 qualified leads annually, on average. This is the commitment of the marketing team together with its key stakeholders.

During 2021, we highlight the 126 news about MTEX NS published all over the world, the internal production of more than 70 videos, the more than 180 publications made in our social networks, the more than 80 product demonstrations performed remotely, the several trainings provided also remotely, the development of numerous presentations that were the basis for the work of many meetings of increased interest, among other relevant work carried out.

In the area of technical assistance, we chose to allocate HR exclusively to respond to the various requests from our customers to maximize their needs/satisfaction.

The Trax platform that we use internally, where we record all the occurrences of the equipment, is one of the work tools that has become an asset since it also allows at any time and remotely checks the equipment's status.

With the exceptional backup support of my colleague Luís Fernandes (with ten years in MTEX NS), we were able to debug most of the requests for technical assistance in less than 4hrs.

I have no doubts in saying that "we have delighted customers with our equipment and services".

Finally, a word of appreciation to Konica Minolta England teams engaged in specific training for the PKG 675i equipment in Portugal.

We started 2021 with a significant reorganization of the locksmithing department and machining centres. We are pleased with the team's acceptance of the new sector head, who, besides being a brilliant professional, always have a smile and, let's face it, make a difference in every way. The priority is to provide excellent services for all the equipment we manufacture in MTEX NS. However, we can provide lacquering services to external companies with the same rigour.

Knowledge and innovation

The R&D development projects in which MTEX NS actively participates (either for internal use, external projects or integrated projects) have a very diverse origin.

Speed and in-house industrial capabilities.
With complete in-house industrial capabilities, MTEX NS was able, for example, in pandemic times to react quickly by making its know-how available in record time to the entire community, initiating the development of projects that would enable the return to a safe collective social life. The PHYS and PURE technological solutions are two of the technologies born in this context.

It is rewarding to lead a team of excellence, from mechanics, electronics, automation and ending with software. It is essential to put our development capacity to reflectin equipment that stands out and creates added value for MTEX NS.

Among the challenges started in 2021, we highlight theMulti 1300 project, equipment that will replace the current Multi LG model (digital box printer for professional custom packaging), but disruptive since:
- the type of inks and printing systems used;
- automatic loading unit, adaptable to regular format boxes, as well as for boxes with pre-cut;
- automatic picking unit.

Strategic partnerships
MTEX NS has always sought to establish partnerships with reference entities (national and international) to allow access to knowledge and means to validate the developed processes. Therefore, access to reliable and up-to-date scientific information is one of the bases of MTEX NS work. MTEX NS partners are Technology Centers, Universities, Institutes, Innovation Agencies and others.

On-demand projects
On-demand projects have always been an expression in MTEX NS, and it is a trend that will continue shortly.

Also, in 2021, we will start the new development of theEAGLE S, which will have a new electronics system but will complement our range par excellence, the single-process sublimation segment. MTEX NS has more than 300 pieces of equipment installed in this segment, and for the first time, we started this development in continuous sharing with an end customer, in this case, V. Coutinho - a reference company in Portugal.

In addition to all the ongoing developments of the MTEX NS line, we created a line of equipment for "Smart Cities" in partnership with the client TOMI World. It is always unique to see equipment born in the computer and after a few weeks(some situations are only days) to see it in the production line.

Strengthen and Leverage our assets and key competencies

This pillar is the critical foundation for our growth and enables us to leverage our business. Keeping our teams dedicated and focused to overcome constant challenges is crucial to our development and to our ability to establish new business opportunities.

Over the years, we have been concerned with creating conditions in terms of investment in fixed assets and facilities that allow us to have increasingly appropriate working tools.

Strengthen International Expansion Internationalization has always been a critical growth factor; our market is mainly concentrated outside Portugal. The constant diversification of markets is what guarantees our long-term sustainability.

Development of ecologically sustainable
We are in constant search of new technologies that are ecologically more sustainable so that, on the one hand, our products are more ecological, and on the other, we create a form of differentiation.

We have to highlight:

- Technologies that rely on a low amount of water or none at all.
- Printing on recycled materials.
- The inks used are water-based, without chemicals.
- Electrical dimensioning for the lowest possible consumption.

Our Stakeholders
Climate neutrality can't be achieved without change. An integral part of the MTEX NS demand for a progressive and increasingly significant, sustainable development is the search for suppliers and business partners in general that, like MTEX NS, seek to ensure an environmentally friendly activity.

For some years now, our priority has been to privilege lasting relationships with entities that are aligned with the values we stand for, namely the ecological ones. Despite the relationships we have established, we are constantly looking for holders of innovative solutions and products that are often born.

Social Responsibility
MTEX NS considers itself, since its foundation, as an active being in its local community, excelling for its openness and availability to the various entities and bodies of the city. First in Santo Tirso and later in Famalicão, where, currently, is located its facilities. Over the years, MTEX NS has participated in several social and cultural projects whenever possible. One of its latest participations (2021) was in the TEAR project, organized by the Famalicense association "A Casa ao Lado", supported by the Famalicão City Halland by several national and international entities, including UNESCO.

Our Commitment to sustainability
MTEX NS has a long-standing awareness of sustainability issues. For several years now, all the paints we use have been water-based, and therefore their composition is environmentally friendly. Our quest for sustainable efficiency does not end there, however.

We have in the past made a significant investment in photovoltaic panels so that we can boost our energy efficiency. Through our R&D and Purchasing departments, we seek to provide environmentally friendly industrial solutions to the market, not only by the composition of the components we choose to integrate into our equipment but also by the longevity of these same components.Recycling plastic and cardboard is a long-standing reality at MTEX NS.

Raising the awareness of all our HR to responsible energy use is another of the cares we have.But despite all the efforts we have made in this direction over several years, we recognize that we still have much to do in this area, so we set ourselves tighter goals to improve our performance even more expressively.

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