Unbeatable ink consumption and productivity

Developed for sublimation paper

720 DPI
137 lm/h
1,9 MTS
Magnetic Linear Motor

Provides high acceleration / deceleration ratios with extremely high accuracy of 1mic, no maintenance, no gearbox or belts.

Printhead Control Technology developed and certified by MTEX

All electronics were specifically designed and integrated with MTEX firmware and software.

Designed and Engineered Degassing System

This allows the ink to be transported from the bottles to the print heads and only being degassed as close as possible to the print head.

8 bottle capacity, for 4/8 colors configuration

with 4 colors configuration, we can install 2 bottles per color and automatically switch from empty bottle to filled bottle on the fly.

Two modular winder solutions

Option A winder and unwinder for rolls up to 300mm diameter and 300Kg

Option B winder and unwinder for rolls up to 500mm diameter and 300kg

Vaccum & Dryer system

Vacuum table automatically adjusted to print speed.

Contact drying with adjustable temperature.


Developed for sublimation paper


Industrial transfer paper printer with unbeatable speed and the highest quality, specifically developed for sublimation paper

Improve your efficiency

An industrial transfer paper printer with unbeatable speed and the highest quality, specifically developed for sublimation paper

Unbeatable speed, high-quality at industrial grade.

The Dragon can manage 274 sqm/h while maintaining a resolution up to 720 DPI thanks to its strong mechanical structure. Designed to print onto the thinnest of transfer papers, the Dragon features innovative MTEX technology and sub ink that enables fast speed printing onto thin transfer media with exceptionally high quality, vibrant colours and consistent output.

8 or 16 KM printheads.


Print Width190cm
Resolutionfrom 360 up to 720 dpi
Drop Size4 picoliters (high speed), low ink consumption
Paper weightFrom 20 up to 140 gr/sqm
Media feed (Entry)Standard roll unwinder up to ø 400 mm for 190 cm
Media take-up (Exit)Standard roll winder up to ø 450 mm for 190 cm
DryerElectrically heated plate (1 meter length)

DAP (Dot Advanced Positioning) is an integrated system between the waveform, printheads and ink that enables automatic head alignment for maximum precision with the lowest ink consumption. By offering a proprietary waveform rather than a generic one, it guarantees an advanced control over the printheads which results in an unmatchable drop accuracy and consistent print results.

DAP delivers its promise: the lowest ink consumption and maximum precision to obtain the highest quality output.

MACAW is a unique patented software designed to bring you a complete, end-to-end solution that addresses the specific needs of your business. Through a single unified interface, this predictive platform allows you to manage your stock, consumables and media, so that you can look over your production in real time.

It’s an intuitive and powerful solution featuring ink consumption and energy savings data, preventive maintenance, integrated database, robust reporting, and navigation capabilities.

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