The most Sustainable Textile Printer.

Developed for a wide range of fabrics.

720 DPI
95 lm/h
3,2 MTS




Mtex Falcon has a fully automated feeder, transport and take up system controlled by motion and air pressure. This will assure you the use of any fabric, under the specs of Mtex Falcon, being able to be printed with quality and speed.


Special head assembly combines and giver you the flexibility of high quality print, wider color gamut and speed with proprietary electronics, firmware and software.


Mtex Falcon is Unique on this since is our long time experience to built in fixation unit in one process. With our system you only have one machine, less space required, less power consumption, less labor usage. Our inline fixation will guarantee the Termo-fixation needed for all your fabrics.


Mtex Falcon GUI, flexible and user friendly operation system linked with our Macaw, this platform allow you to follow in detail your production, ink consumption, downtime, color profiles, maintenance and all kind of need documentation to make your work better.

MTEX FALCON follows the Sustainable Development goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.



100% PES

50% PES + 50% COTTON


The most Sustainable Textile Printer.

Developed for a wide range of fabrics.

Specialized partnerships


Managed by Volker Müller, UVM and MTEX are partners since 2010, providing technical and sales support in the DACH market. Thomas Poetz adds it's a significant influence in the MTEX FALCON equipment with his continuous inputs and feedback.


SPG PRINTS it's a market leader in textile, in 2019 partnered with us to commercialize our technology in critical products such as the MTEX DRAGON and the MTEX FALCON.


Lets talk about pigments.

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Why 32 heads, what is the benefit?

MTEX Head Technology is engineered to fulfil market requests. To print in Textile and even more critical, with pigment ink, we need to have quality and color without sacrificing speed. These 32 heads will allow you to have 8-color setup with 720 dpi with speeds between 75 and 220 m2/h with the lowest consumption and cost in the market. This machine has a 320cm print area, unique on this printer's price range.

What is the standard print quality used on FALCON?

Standard quality is 360x720 dpi, 4 pass mode with guaranteed 120 m2/h output.

Is the FALCON engineered specifically for textile or adapted from a paper printer?

MTEX FALCON was 100% engineered for textile. In fact, it's not possible to print paper on this machine because all tension system was built specifically to convey fabric.

What kind of fabrics can I print with the MTEX FALCON?

A wide range of fabrics can be printed on the FALCON due to its construction, from Cotton to Polyester, Rayon, Linen and all blends can be printed with our pigment ink. Stretchable fabrics are not recommended.

Will I have any limitation on size and weight of the fabric?

From 3.2 to 1.5 meters, you can print in any weight, even the thinnest fabric. This is only possible due to the automatic air pressure system available on the machine.

Can I use open structure fabric?

Yes, MTEX FALCON has a unique ink tray allowing you to print through the fabric with full penetration. This extra ink will be under the material without leaving ink stains on the back of the fabric as other machines do.

The MTEX FALCON doesn't have a belt, why?

Our customers requested this feature for applications such as home, decoration, upholstery or sign. Since these applications don't use stretchable materials, no belt is needed. Also noteworthy is that on this setup, you don't use any water, glue or experience downtimes for belt maintenance. All this is extremely important nowadays when sustainability is everyone's duty and responsibility.

It's fabric pre-treatment needed?

Pre-treatment is not required but highly recommended. Using pre-treatment, you will gain quality, sharpness and resistance on UV, washing and rubbing. Additionally, the cost will decrease, since less ink will is needed, resulting in an even lower print cost, ink costs more than pre-treatment.

Is pre-treatment a simple process?

Nowadays, it is effortless to have your fabrics ready to print; There are several coatings available in the market from a handful of suppliers. You need to choose the best option for your specific needs.

Can I get ready to print fabric?

Yes, fabrics from Berger, GOF, Pongs, Ibena and Indutex are available in the market with excellent quality performance and high resistance results.

After printing, is it dried or fixed?

Mtex Falcon is unique in that our vast experience has enabled us to build the fixation unit into the process. With our system, you only have one machine, less space required, less power consumption, and less labor usage. Our inline fixation guarantees the Thermo-fixation needed for your fabrics.

Do we have any software to control consumption and production?

MTEX FALCON is linked with our Macaw platform: this platform allows you to follow, in detail, your production, ink consumption, downtime, color profiles, maintenance and all kinds of useful documentation to make your work easier.

Are you using inks with a binder?

MTEX Pigment Ink is certified to give the best quality but also head durability. Because of this, we don’t have binder on the ink, avoiding the head and ink system degradation as much as possible.

What kind of rip software can I use on the FALCON?

FALCON has Open system RIP, allowing any rip manufacturer to drive the machine.

To install a FALCON, what do I need?

To install the Mtex Falcon, we will send you the Site Preparation Guide with all physical requirements such as power, space, compressed air, computer, ventilation, transport and others.

Regarding human resources, you should have the corresponding machine operator with print and tech skills, if possible.

What can I expect from installation and service technicians worldwide?

MTEX works with several teams around the world and has essential Partnerships with companies like SPG, Konica Minolta, UVM. We will support you worldwide from local partners or by deploying our internal team.

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