MTEX NS and PRINTSOLUTION together to push the limits of digital printing for packaging and labelling

At MTEX NS, we are proud of our long-term partnership with PrintSolution.

Our paths crossed in 2016; since then, we have been working together to push the limits of digital printing for packaging and labelling.

PrintSolution is a European reference for packaging and labelling solutions. The all-new NS MULTI 800 sprang forth from MTEX NS knowledge and technology enhanced by PrintSolution's valuable experience and insights from this market segment.

The NS MULTI 800 was unveiled in May at HISPACK 22 (Barcelona). It was a massive success as it received positive feedback from visitors. All of them were stunned by this equipment's possibilities, reliability, and print quality.

In June, MTEX NS and PrintSolution signed an agreement for European exclusivity of the NS MULTI 800, ensuring a sizable number of installations during 2022.

Following this agreement, MTEX NS will ship the first batch of 10 units in late July, with more batches following in September, October and November.

Starting from 5th July, all European customers can visit PrintSolution, in Milan, to have demos of this brilliant packaging printer.

This week, Italian customer Tiberi Distribuzione - Andrea Tiberi visited the MTEX NS factory to have a taste of his latest purchase, the NS MULTI 800.


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