Take a seat and enjoy a brief (but akind of funny) trip to the MTEX NS world.

How does MTEX NS work?

Our technology is fully designed and developed internally in our industrial state-of-the-art facilities by our highly skilled team. With this industrial set (R&D department, laser cutting, bending, CNC milling, welding, painting, and assembly) we guarantee our verticality, translating ideas into products, in record time. We were born to build and shape the future with present ideas. That is why MTEX NS is the place Where Engineering Breeds Creativity.

Can MTEX NS manufacture your equipment?

Although it's not our core business we can, occasionally, develop equipment for external companies. One of the most recent examples is Nextil QUADRA , a revolutionary and sustainable digital textile dying machine, using natural pigments.

Who knows if your idea won't be our next big project? Get in touch with us.

But what if you just need to shape and paint some steel sheets?

Bring it on. MTEX NS also provides external industrial services like laser cutting, bending, CNC milling, welding, painting, and assembly. It will be our pleasure.

Want to know more about MTEX NS?

Looks like we have a big fan here. We are more than happy to have you reading about us.

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R&D Department

This is where the weirdest and, sometimes most pertinent, ideas are discussed. This is where we evaluate the feasibility of emerging ideas. It is also here that the approved concepts take shape, our engineering team develops the concepts trough it’s various perspectives, from mechanical, electrical, electronic and software engineering point of view.

They begin to strain at this stage, and we start to see some smoke coming out of them (at the very beginning mostly dark). When, at some point, we start to see white smoke coming out, we realize that the project is ready to move on to the next stage – The Planning department.

Planning Department

It is responsible for streamlining the production process of the developed product in the R&D department. It is also here that supplies for equipment assembling and maintenance are provided.

We suspect that this department is the distant cousin of the administrative one, such as the amount of digital paperwork they have to manage.

Industrial Services

Laser cutting, bending, CNC Milling, Welding, Painting, Assembling

It's in these sub-departments that we (really) get our hands "dirty". Our industrial centers are headed by the most outstanding professionals who dedicate themselves (body and soul) to deliver our "art creations" in record time. They are also filled with the best and latest technology on the planet. They are the cream of our “tough guys”.

Marketing & Communication Department

Do you know what a carrier pigeon is? We have two at MTEX NS.
They are our official messages translators and spend their lives transforming the MTEX NS messages into a language the world can understand. Trust us: you won't want to meet them.

We're kidding. They're ordinary people until they start talking code. But we are inclusive people, aren't we? Yes, we are. And we think these two may also be distant cousins of R&D department engineers, who sometimes also vocalize in code too.

Sales Department

Nothing to declare.
We can only say that you must book a demo and get to know them.
Trust us.

Administration Department

Guess where work that always involves (digital and non-digital) paperwork, and is essential, and very important, and fundamental, and precious (did we already mention essential) and official are done? Yep, right here.

Myth has it that, this is where birthday cakes disappear most quickly. But we are all in solidarity, no? Yes, we are.

Technical Department

Bad tongues say it's the department that sleeps the least. Want to find out why?

They are the ones who install our masterpieces and assist our outstanding customers day in and day out (because the world spins, isn't it), and fortunately, we have clients in the four corners of the world.

We believe that these are cousins (also estranged) from the sales department because they are both the face of our company.

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