MTEX NS and NEXTIL, a winning partnership

A revolutionary and sustainable digital textile dying machine has born

The commitment to sustainability is a reality for the textile world. The conversion of the production lines and the constant demand for green solutions, as well as the investment in the development of technologies that allow the implementation of sustainable methods and simultaneously follow the needs of the industrial world, is an integral part of the daily lives of many companies.

This commitment is where NEXTIL and MTEX NS intersect.

Positioned at the forefront of the digital printing industry MTEX NS were chosen to develop NEXTIL digital textile dying machine because of its continuous innovation of key solutions in-house.

“MTEX NS never-ending pursuit of perfection and dedication to push the boundaries for what develops to it selves and their customers do the difference too been chosen for this NEXTIL project” says Elói Ferreira, MTEX NS CEO.

Concerned with environmental and sustainability issues, NEXTIL has long invested in environmentally friendly solutions. Today, together with MTEX NS, another essential step is taken in this direction. NEXTIL long-standing know-how in the textile area combined with MTEX NS technological knowledge allows the creation of a dying machine with natural pigments that entirely uses the EtherCAT communication protocol, thus allowing its integration in an industry 4.0 environment. The current NEXTIL modus operandi in this area moves to a new technological level, now entirely digitized with this solution.

The NEXTIL group is made up of 8 brands, 2 of them based in Portugal: playvest and Sici93.

MTEX NS congratulates itself on this successful partnership with NEXTIL, not only for the exchange of know-how but also for accomplishing, once again, its demand for a better world.


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