2 weeks since the workshop of the STVgoDIGITAL project took place on the 29th of June, limited to the project partners, to share the results obtained so far. It was a relevant assessment of the developments made to this date and an opportunity for all the partners to get to know the work taking place in the different R&D domains. It was also a pleasant moment because for many it was the first time they had met physically. See the images of the meeting.

STVgoDIGITAL - the Project that will enhance the digital transition of the textile and clothing sector.

Promoted by Cluster Têxtil / Portuguese Textile Cluster, the Project relies on the know-how of CeNTI and encompasses a set of R&D initiatives, which will boost the #digitalisation of the entire value chain.

The initiative has several objectives, among them, to promote access to safe and reliable information on the sustainability and circularity of Textile Products and to speed up the exchange of information in an autonomous way between the various agents in the supply chain.In addition, it also seeks to promote the safety, health and productivity of employees, analyse the quality of textile materials using artificial intelligence, and facilitate the response to smaller orders for personalised products.


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