Packoptions Power Move to MULTI 1300

Join Nuno Gorgulho, a founding partner of Packoptions, as he shares their success story of enhancing packaging value with MTEX's cutting-edge printing technology.

Discover how Packoptions made the decision to invest in MTEX's MULTI 1300 machine, paving the way for expanded capabilities and exceptional print quality.

In this inspiring testimonial, Nuno highlights the journey of integrating the MULTI 1300 into their production process.

Witness the seamless file exchange, user-friendly software, and impressive speed that the MULTI 1300 offers, resulting in elevated packaging solutions for Packoptions' customers.

Find out how Packoptions tested the MULTI 1300 in the MTEX factory, producing some of their references, and experienced outstanding print quality on various materials, including rigid ones like wood. The MULTI 1300 has exceeded their expectations and provided them with the path they were looking for.

Join us in celebrating the successful partnership between Packoptions and MTEX, and anticipate the future collaborations and advancements they have in store.

Stay tuned for more inspiring customer testimonials, industry insights, and updates on the latest printing solutions. Contact our sales team to explore how MTEX's printing technology can revolutionize your packaging business.


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