National Innovation Agency recognize MTEX NS as an advanced entity in research and development

Last June 5th, The National Innovation Association (ANI), acknowledge MTEX NS as a Research and Development (R&D) certified enterprise.

This honourable distinction comprised two categories: Production technologies and process industry and Production technologies and product industry.

Referring to the Production technologies and process industry, MTEX NS is distinguished for the sub-areas: greener and more efficient production processes, and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) applied to the production process. Referring to the Production technologies and product industry, MTEX NS is distinguished for the sub-areas: development and efficiency of production systems, greener and more efficient production processes, innovative products with high added value and ICT applied to production systems.

This recognition of suitability corroborates the work that MTEX NS has been developing in the past 4 years, in the demand for brand new and differentiating solutions, in the field of digital and printing technologies in the textile area. A strategic investment of resources that has enabled the procession of market trends and consequently the construction of unique technological solutions.

It was only possible for MTEX NS - together with customers and technology partners - to positively stand out, through our Human Resources and its specialized know-how, that has allowed the development of innovative industrial solutions that have been noteworthy in the most prestigious forums in the field.

MTEX NS signalize, with renewed pride and honour, the joint work of a unique team. It has been a long but very exciting journey. A truly hard work and collective effort and dedication now, officially, recognized also by ANI, a reputable and undoubted value Portuguese agency, also projected in worldwide markets.


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