MTEX NS @ Atlantic, Tomorrow's Office OPEN HOUSE

The Open House event held on July 11th at Atlantic Tomorrow's Office was a resounding success!

MTEX NS, the industry leader in packaging printing machines, partnered with Atlantic and the Print & Graphic Communications Association to showcase their revolutionary technology.

Here's a summary of the key moments:

✨ Larry Weiss, President of Atlantic Tomorrow's Office, extended a warm welcome to Elói Ferreira, the driving force behind MTEX NS. Larry expressed his excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the incredible business opportunity it brings. In response, Elói expressed his gratitude and pledged unwavering support to Atlantic, promising to deliver nothing but the best.

🚀 Visitors were left astounded by the extraordinary capabilities of MTEX NS technology. The DTF printing machines left a lasting impression with their user-friendly interface, impeccable print quality, rock-solid reliability, and an impressive range of features. The sheer brilliance of these machines enchanted all who experienced them!

🌟 However, stealing the spotlight was the groundbreaking Multi 800 equipment.

This game-changing device left everyone in awe as they explored its limitless applications.

Not only does it expand offerings for existing customers, but it also opens up thrilling opportunities in new markets.

The Multi 800 has truly set a new standard in the industry!To all our esteemed MTEX NS customers, get ready for an extraordinary experience.

Brace yourselves for unmatched innovation, unwavering quality, and unparalleled support. We're here to elevate your digital printing journey to new and unprecedented heights! ✨💪


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