This past Wednesday, August 12th, AICEP Portugal Global paid an official visit to MTEX NS.

AICEP chairman Luís Castro Henriques and deputy director Carlos Nunes Pinto insisted on personally getting to know MTEX NS's corporate project.

While they were both welcomed by CEO Elói Ferreira and by CFO Afonso Barros, they were even able to see, in loco, the various industrial facets. R&D director Jorge Coelho explained the Mechanical, Electronic, Electrical and Fluid Engineering, Programming, Documentation and Processes, and even showed the workings of the project involving automatic gel dispensers, a product that will be launched early next week.

COO Jorge Costa did the honors by explaining the different industrial facets: Laser, Bending, CNCs, Welding, Painting and Joining, while accompanying the visit to the respective development centers.

The scope of the AICEP visit aimed not only at in-person knowledge of the MTEX NS project, but also to sound out the company's reality within the context of the pandemic: “When we fielded COVID 19-related questions, we wanted to say we were “present” with various solutions: social masks, clothing and air sterilizers, as well as gel dispensers,” said Afonso Barros, when referring to the newly-created Cleancare line, which is affordable for every swath of the market.

Toward the end of the visit, Marco Apolinário, MTEX NS Sales Director, with PHYS confided that very soon MTEX NS will hold specific SARS-CoV-2 certification via an international university.

“For us, it was an honor to have been able to witness MTEX NS's dynamics here in Famalicão, the place where everything happens quickly, from the initial idea to equipment being delivered to the 4 corners of the world. AICEP, whose doors remain open to MTEX NS, is willing to take the Made in Portugal moniker across borders,” concludes AICEP's chairman.


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