DEC 05, 2019
📌MTEX NS Summit 19' - Push For Sustainability | Live Feed.

[OPEN Speech]

Discover Sustainability - João W. Meneses, Secretary-General at BCSD Portugal

 "It's us that matters, not the planet. We are facing extinction. So, humankind it's what only matters."

"Businesses need to change at a faster pace. 'Business as usual' is no longer acceptable. It's dangerous and environmentally stupid to be attached to an older and expired 'Bussiness as usual' tag."

"Digitalization is pushing the business further. And sustainability is giving a hand to it"

"Sharing economy is a clear example, how to become more efficient with the lesser carbon footprint"

 "We need to be super smart, super-intelligent how to tackle this growing environmental awareness that will inevitably make us suffer, your business suffers"

 "There is no question. Our quality of life has improved substantially. Now we need to be super smart and find news ways in how to keep it. Otherwise, I will lose it. You will suffer, your business will suffer, everyone will. One thing takes to another, it's a snowball effect (pun intended). Let's leave a mark, and let's do it in a more efficient, wiser and less harmful for the environment. "

We have remarkable signs of progress, yet the 24 great acceleration indicators tell us another story. Socio-economic indicators show how better we got. But when it comes to environmental ones, the overview is we are living on credit. We are not being efficient, and to worse, we are using more than we need. " 

" We are heading to a perfect storm. 8bll of people in 2024 will not have resources available "

" Still there's time to mitigate our environmental impact. Our behaviors, our initiatives towards a more conscious towards efficient use of resources will dictate our future here on Mother Earth. Africa, India is already showing that our over-consumption needs to stop and it only starts with a voice, an action for guaranteeing a safe harbor for our future generations. It starts right now, and it depends on what you are willing to make for this change happens. 

"Companies can have a greater impact on conducting this process. So, as Bussiness, I would say that's your duty to commit and act how to drive this needed change. By doing so, you will not be only helping your business to remain competitive but also assure our well-being, yours included"

"A fundamental change in the way companies think about value creation is evident in the types of sustainability goals leading companies are setting. Many of these goals are not just about operational efficiencies - doing “less bad”;  they are increasingly about adding value. Setting corporate sustainability goals helps companies create accountability for improving sustainability performance and helps focus attention on the issues that matter most to the company and its stakeholders. The right sustainability goals can also help employees rally behind their company’s sustainability strategy and can reinvigorate a culture of innovation. To be most effective, sustainability goals should be strategic, ambitious, and focused on the long term."

[Labeling & Packaging Stream]

Memjet's technology and development - Arnaud Linquette, SVP EMEA

"Memjet is...over 380 employees in 6 countries, and manufacturing partners all over the world"

"Memjet's strategy is focusing its investment in more local markets, to gain an international presence. Do more local, act global"

"Memjet has 12,000 systems installed, over 15 years of experience, thousands of patents granted, and 52 different products in 8 different markets. "

"Technology has evolved from Versapass (2009) to today's tech Duraflex (2019)"

"Memjet's innovation canvas is based in 4 pillars to create value: Simplicity, Profitability, Quality, and Speed".

"Pigment ink is now a reality thanks to Duraflex tech. This innovation has improved consistency, lightfastness, and durability, all these features very well appreciated and of huge importance to our customers."

"R&D is, therefore, our main asset to create value."

"Within your technology platforms as our innovation, Duraflex proofs are created to serve a different type of customer from corrugated to label"

"We are offering different solutions for multiple segments as desktop, wide format, packaging and commercial"

"Duraflex vs Duralink shows us a better performance to the latter"

"Duraflex is a more economical solution. Yet if you are looking for a long printhead life you should choose the latter. As we mentioned every solution is thought to serve each different type of customer"

"Though all our solutions take into consideration the environmental aspect, namely it's chemical composition, less harmful for the environment"

"We developed new printheads designs which resulted in; longer printhead life, improved drop placement stability, improved drop volume, improved refill rate, and better drop placement. Altogether reflect better customer benefits as the lower total cost of print, low intervention rate and increased, offset like print quality"

"Duralink: with 70,400 nozzles this platform ink tech has the highest drop accuracy in the market"

"Duraflex, durable pigment solution. It's unique because of their modularity capacity to be as much flexible as the production demands. It is also a sustainable solution due to its composition."

"We guarantee a tech suited for early, mid, and late-stage customization and versioning/mass customization"

"Memjet assures an easy integration of technology, namely for OEM's"

"It's printheads...and people".

"Besides we have a strong team marketing behind us, we also have been investing in more successful customer success. We are building on that matter a bullet-proof team to deliver the best customer experience."

"Memjet's tech offers 3 Memjet platforms; An increased inkjet life with Gen 2; Products address many markets; Market competitive cost; High-speed printing; High quality @16000 dpi; Water-based fluids, and many others features to ensure that our customers could thrive in their specific business.

Roadmap & commercial challenges - Eloi Ferreira and Marco Apolinário

"Duraflex is the new black. It'll disrupt the market."

"Print cost has been the issue. The question is how can we make this business profitable to you?"

"We have been failing, but we never lose our sight of things. What matters, the right combination between technology and ink"

"We are offering NS Lion and Tiger, NS Atom&Ant and NS Multi. Regarding NS Lion, we failed because the coating was not suitable for our customers. That's why NS Lion will only be ready in Q1/Q2 2021. We want to ensure this labeling machine will be up to your expectations."

" We started as a packaging company, and NS Multi is now thanks to our many customer feedback a 'plug and play' machine. But will keep investing in this arena, because we see great opportunities ahead"

" We aim to drop the price, especially the ink price to be around 40%; Increase printing speeds 2-2.5x faster, are just some examples to turn this printer machine competitive as you can get. "

"Corrugated is leading the way. We have been learning a lot on this topic and we are ready to turn this opportunity into something very real and profitable to your business"

[Textile Stream]

Changing Textile Industry through Digitalization toward Sustaibale Wolrd - Akiyoshi Ohno, Principal of Ohno Inkjet Consulting | Jos Notermans, Commercial Manager Digital Inks at SPGPrints

"So, what should we do (textile printing industry)?

 - Don’t worry too much! It’s not that complicated!

 - Inkjet has been already and always “sustainability” conscious.

 - Remember the keywords, how we promoted Inkjet. "


- Reduce Waste Water!

- Improve Working Environment!

- Reduce Waste in Production!

- Reduce Waste of Products!

- Inkjet can solve all of them!"

"Then why the digitalization of textile printing goes so slow?

 - We have been promoting digitalization jointly for more than 20 years.

 - Still, the proportion of digitally printed stays only 5 to 6 % of the total printed fabric.

"We need to Re-Think from 3 aspects:

 - Structure of Apparel Industry

- What is “Digital Textile Printing”

- Impact of Internet Platform"


Challenge 1: Long Leadtime

Challenge 2: Screen handling

Challenge 3: Productivity"

Estudios Durero una industria creativa - Andre Soriano Melgar, Executive Creative Director of Studios Durero

"Creativity is the ability to think and conceive ideas that are outside the norm. At the same time, they are appealing in some way."

"We need to think of something no one has yet” because all the tried and true methods aren't working."

"There's a balance with creativity in art, one needs to find new innovative ways to create something never seen"

"Sometimes we create something new that is so far fetched so the audience or world wouldn't get it. And then magic happens, and we create something people cannot dare to forget"

"At Durero we are focusing on exploring new ways to create added-value products that could change the textile landscape. We need to start looking at things, that even mundane they gain a whole new perspective. That's one facet, another perspective would be to look in an unknown imaginary world to come up with something new, which the regular world did not know of. "

"We also understand that we could join forces with other businesses and find synergies where everyone can win"

"Sustainability is also something we highly value, and we are always looking for new creative and efficient paths where our business can thrive."

"No matter in which segment we operate. And we operate in segments as religious art where the quality detail of what we replicate needs to be itch-perfect"

"All this creativity process took us to a level where we can start making our products under our name. It's that kind of achievement and recognition that makes our efforts worthy. Especially if we are doing more sustainably"

"For example one of our many sustainable projects borns from for an idea of a product 100% CFC's free. "

Never fill new wine in old pipes - Thomas Poetz, Director Product & Business Development at UVM Inkjet Systems

"Showing how things work differently, means to understand that digital tech and inkjet printing on textiles can lead to disruption"

"Disruptive technologies are innovations!"

"Innovation means innovation or renewal. I narrower sense, innovations only result from ideas when they are translated into new products."

"How to create sustainable products or make a business more sustainable?"

"A: Different market segments need different steps to go"

"A: With new products, services or processes"

"A: Products"

"A: Service"

"A: Process is key."

"All need to work together, creating a solution"

"The Micro factory scenario. Think global - print local is my vision."

"Data get transported - not products"

"In the future, we will find industrial textile printing hubs"

"Pigment and sublimation printing will be the dominant ink technology of the future!"

"To penetrate the market successfully you need to know who's your target market, what's the leading technology for this target market. Discover the business model that fits the interests of your target is essential to capture value"

"New distribution concepts need to be developed"

"Pigment and sublimation it's not only the future but also the more sustainable option. It saves on water consumption, energy and it's a way more efficient option with the high-quality printing output that every business desires to have."