Unrivaled speed and quality with hybrid fixation.
Developed for direct sublimation
Soft Signage
Banner / Lightbox / Flag
Staggered Head
8 / 16
Quality Mode
720 dpi
Production Mode
304 sqm/h
Print Width
3,2 mts
Why the EAGLE?
A cutting-edge technology designed with an inbuilt fixation for the next era of VISCOM.
Quick learning curve
The MTEX system provides you with presets for different fabrics, allowing you to start printing right away.
Lower costs
Having a single integrated solution means less upfront costs, less operators and less electricity costs needed to run your operation.
Configuring the Eagle to print on different fabrics is easy. You don't need another printer for a different job.
16 heads / 4 colors
8 heads / 4 colors / sqm
2 Pass
360 x 720 dpi
4 Pass
720 x 720 dpi
8 Pass
720 x 1440 dpi
Printer Details
Magnetic Linear Motor

Provides high acceleration / deceleration ratios with extremely high accuracy of 1mic, no maintenance, no gearbox or belts.

Printhead Control Technology developed and certified by MTEX

All electronics were specifically designed and integrated with MTEX firmware and software.

Designed and Engineered Degassing System

This allows the ink to be transported from the bottles to the print heads and only being degassed as close as possible to the print head.

8 bottle capacity, for 4/8 colors configuration

with 4 colors configuration, we can install 2 bottles per color and automatically switch from empty bottle to filled bottle on the fly.

Hybrid Fixation Unit

Depending on the polyester type:

≤120 sqm/hr printing and inline fixation;

>120 sqm/hr inline unit fixation as a dryer and external calender for final fixation.

Extraction Unit

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) ensuring a clean working environment due to the filtration of dust particles.

Unrivaled speed and quality with hybrid fixation.
2300 mm
7250 mm
2250 mm
4400 kg

The MTEX EAGLE proposes to the market an industrial high-speed printer, specifically engineered for direct fabric sublimation. At production mode – 720 dpi, the EAGLE can print 304 sqm/h thanks to its advanced mechanical and electronical structure. The EAGLE features innovative MTEX Technology and an inbuilt fixation unit that ensures exceptionally high-quality, vibrant colours and consistent output at a high-speed printing onto polyester.

Depending on the polyester type you can do in one-shot:

  • Up to 120 sqm/hr: printing and inline fixation;
  • Above 120 sqm/hr: using inline fixation as a dryer and afterwards fixate using an external calender.

- 16 Konica Minolta printheads
- Magnetic Linear motor

Print Width
330 cm
From 360 up to 1440 dpi
Drop Size
4 pL (high speed), low ink consumption
Media feed (Entry)
Standard roll unwinder up to ø 400 mm for 330 cm
Media take-up (Exit)
Standard roll unwinder up to ø 400 mm for 330 cm
Inline Fixation Unit
For speeds up to 120 sqm/h
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